BioCyc Commercial Subscriptions

For Profit/Commercial subscriptions provide unlimited, unrestricted access to all of the BioCyc databases, which currently number over 20,000.

Purchase an Individual For Profit/Commercial Subscription

Purchase individual subscription by Credit Card.
$1,190 (USD) per person, per year:

Purchase an Institutional For Profit/Commercial Subscription

an institutional subscription.

An institution wide subscription provides unlimited, unrestricted access to all BioCyc databases for all employees at your institution. A subscription also includes remote access through any proxy IP addresses.​

Subscription Pricing

Price levels range from Level 6 (highest) to Level 1 (lowest). Please contact us for your institution's pricing classification.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Pricing Level For-Profit/Corporate 2023 (USD)​
Level 6​ $39,057​
Level 5​ $28,768​
Level 4​ $20,537​
Level 3​ $14,363​
Level 2​ $9,517​
Level 1​ $4,897​
< href=""> an Institutional Subscription.

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