BioCyc Credits

This page summarizes the contributors to the BioCyc databases and website, lists data sources from which BioCyc integrates data, and lists third-party computational tools integrated within the BioCyc webiste. These credits do not cover the EcoCyc project, whose credits are listed here.

BioCyc Developers

SRI International

Roles: Curation, software development, web site operations

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Roles: Curation

Special Reviewers

Special reviewers have evaluated BioCyc for accuracy, comprehensiveness, and clarity in subject areas related to their expertise and recommended changes in content and presentation.

Past BioCyc Developers

BioCyc Advisory Board

The BioCyc advisory board advises the project on a variety of matters including task prioritization, database content, user interface issues, and community outreach. The committee meets once per year.

Current and former members of the advisory board are listed here.

Sources of Data Integrated into BioCyc

BioCyc incorporates information that was obtained from several sources. BioCyc publications describe the integration of data from these sources in more detail. Those sources are as follows.

Data extracted from UniProt is copyright of the UniProt Consortium and subject to the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) License and the disclaimers at The original data is available from

Third Party Software Tools Integrated into BioCyc

Outside software tools used within the BioCyc website include the following.