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License Pathway Tools/BioCyc Bundle and BioCyc Data Files

This license covers both the downloadable version of the Pathway Tools software with BioCyc databases included in the software, and downloads of the BioCyc data files.

Obtaining Software-Database Bundle

To obtain the Software-Database Bundle (Pathway Tools plus databases), please click on the page below for the license appropriate for your organization:

Organization Availability Obtain License
Academic / Government Institutions:
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Non-profit research institutes
  • Government research institutes
  • Government agencies
Free for research purposes. [click here]
Commercial Firms Available for a fee.
Unaffiliated To obtain Pathway Tools you must be affiliated with one of the above types of organizations.

If you have questions about licensing, please contact .

Downloadable Pathway Tools

Multiple configurations of the Software/Database Bundle are available under this license with different numbers of databases present so that you can choose a configuration whose size is suited to your needs.